Dementia Friends HK

Registered as Dementia Friends and Built Dementia Friendly Hong Kong!

What is Dementia Friends?

Dementia Friends is an initiative of Alzheimer’s Society in United Kingdom in 2013, which aims to increase people’s understanding of dementia and help create communities in which people affected by dementia can feel more understood and socially included.  Individuals and corporations/groups are invited to register as Dementia Friends/supporting group to Dementia Friends, learn more about dementia through learning video in our Dementia Friends website.  With the massive influence among individuals and support driven by corporations/groups, a dementia-friendly community can be cultivated by spreading the correct understanding and encouraging actions to care and support those people with dementia.  There are currently over 1.7 million Dementia Friends registered in UK, 17 countries/cities around the world have already joined this global movement including Hong Kong.

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